CAD/CAM Design

Delcam is one from the world wide leaders in advanced CAD/CAM soft solutions, in developing products for manufacturing industry.

  • Power Shape   is a modeling software for designing and producing complex forms of modeling for production;

  • Power Mill (PowerMILL is the world leader in specialized CAM software for the manufacture of complex forms from tools manufacturing industry, automobiles and aircraft. The most important features include a wide range of strategies, including high-efficiency cutting, high-speed finishing (high-speed) and 5-axis machining techniques, fast time calculations and powerful editing tools to provide maximum performance to the machining tool).

  • Feature CAM (FeatureCAM, developed by Delcam is a combination (suite) for CAD / CAM software which combines cutting edge technology with easeness of use. FeatureCAM automatically machines and reduces the programming times for mills, lathes and EDM wires)



With 10 cutting-edge processing centers and classic processing machinery, Micromet is an important competitor in the internal and foreign market.

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