CNC Machining:

  • CNC lathes – we can process semi-finished products with a maximum diameter of 470 mm, the X/Z stroke being 300×1300 mm;
  • CNC milling machines – maximum stroke X/Y/Z 1500/660/660 mm.

Water jet cutting

  • 1500×1500 mm, 100 mm thick.

Although over 90% of the parts we frequently execute are small pieces, we are open to challenges and accept big parts as well.

We deliver over 1000 different parts every month paying great attention to quality and delivery terms. Many of the products we execute reach our customers in less than 3 weeks.


In order to support the customer, we pay great attention to the delivery of the products in their final state, with all the heat / surface treatments provided in the documentation. We have developed a close relationship with top companies in the field of heat treatments and frequently offer customers parts with the following treatments:

  • Surface treatment:
    • Anodizing, hard anodizing, sandblasting, galvanizing, browning, phosphating
  • Thermal treatments:
    • Nitriding, carburizing, tempering, improving, pickling, annealing, stress relieving.


With its 20 state-of-the-art machining centers, Micromet is a major competitor on the domestic and foreign markets.

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