About us

Micromet  appeared in early 1999. Then, several shareholders with technical experience of over 25 years in the field chose the motto "We want to demonstrate that we can" and they succeeded.

Micromet has begun and will continue as a family business. Since the beginning until now we have evolved in small but safe steps, permanently investing in new technologies. Continuous development, ambition and seriousness have made us famous and propelled us among the first in the field we operate.

We were lucky to choose a path that kept us away from hard problems, a path that depends only on us. We preferred to approach the execution of complicated products that many avoided and we found solutions. The main activity is high precision mechanical processing, one of a kind and small-lot production.

Promptness, reliability, quality and excellent communication with our customers have made us to become a stable partner for many Romanian and foreign companies.


With 25% average annual growth of turnover, we approach 2 million EUR and our goal is higher and higher every year.

We developed without resorting to loans, which gives us stability. However, we believe that success is due to the fact that all profits were reinvested and we will maintain this policy. We also capitalized the opportunity of financing from EU funds and the 7 completed projects are proof of our development.

Micromet has managed to build its own ERP system which meets the market’s specific and is constantly adaptable to new requirements.


Micromet exports today without problems in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, USA, France, Holland, Sweden. Our customers come from different branches of industry (pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, machine building, petrochemical, food, nuclear, packaging, steel and metallurgy) which gives us security and stability.

We treat with the same professionalism each customer, regardless of the volume of business but we still take care that each client should not exceed more than 10% of our turnover.